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Culture24 has been leading a series of dynamic, collaborative action research projects with a range of cultural sector organisations in the UK to help them define and measure their success online.  The project has been going for three years, has involved over 50 organisations and has produced two reports and two conferences.

The Phase 2 Report: A journey to understanding and measuring digital engagement.

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This work has value for the sector and the people working in it and Culture24 want to do more. Before you download, please consider making a small contribution to cover the cost of its production and invest in future research. We suggest either £1 or £5 depending on what you can afford.

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The Phase 1 Report: How to evaluate success online? 

LGR 1This report offer an insight into the place where many of the UK’s leading cultural  organisations currently are when it comes to understanding and making use of the data they collect from their online activities. It report provides an insight into the way cultural organisations should go about trying to measure the success of their business online and challenges the assumption that simply counting total visitor numbers or ‘likes’ really tells us anything meaningful at all.

It focuses on tools such as Google Analytics, Hitwise, Klout and Twitterific and looks at the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It can be said that the real insights lie not in the tools or platforms, but in the shift in thinking that needs to happen at a deep level within every cultural organisation. Lessons can be learned through careful analysis of the data against each organisation’s primary objectives.

 Download the report in colour or black and white

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