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What are people saying about us?

Some nice things people said about the Let’s Get Real conferences:

“Really enjoyed it. It’s good to have a conference that takes a cross-sectoral approach to these issues”

“Re-evaluating and re-imagining our digital output now seems less daunting and easier to implement…even if we fail a few times on the way!”

“Really useful, great to have a wide range of people talking & personally found it inspiring
being around such knowledgeable people”

“Worth the trip from Sweden, and could not have been better. Collaborative processes like these are really important in the museum world”

“It was an incredible day!”

“I felt that the atmosphere was really friendly and it all felt laidback and not stressy which helped me to settle in” 

“Thanks for organising such a fantastic event!”

“More please”

LGR conf 13

What happened at the 2013 conference?

Our second Let’s Get Real conference took place on Monday 16th September 2013 in Culture24′s home town of Brighton, and was part of the Brighton Digital Festival.  We heard some great talks on evolving business models, content strategies and using data to drive positive change.

Head of Insights at Penguin, Charlotte Richards told us how they are working to bring users closer into the Brand by using data more intelligently.  Ben Cordle from Time Out shared insights about their dramatic shift to a free magazine and how user insights helped to drive the change.  Lana Gibson and Padma Gillen from the amazing Government Digital Services told us why are websites were rubbish unless they were designed around data.  We had provocations from Anthony Lilley and a wonderful genuine *magic* show from Stuart Nolan.  Read the full programme for 2013

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