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What are people saying about us?

Some nice things people said about the Let’s Get Real conferences:

“Well run, excellent sessions that moved away from the usual ‘here’s how we did our digital project that cost a fortune’ format – the event has really carved out its own niche as good value, unpredictable, thought-provoking and interesting.”

“Really enjoyed it. It’s good to have a conference that takes a cross-sectoral approach to these issues”

“Re-evaluating and re-imagining our digital output now seems less daunting and easier to implement…even if we fail a few times on the way!”

“This conference was fantastic, engaging and relevant, with the topics and tone feeling progressive and providing lots of inspiration for development within our organisation. Speakers were engaging and dynamic, and the background to even the most specific case-studies were discussed in a way that made them useful and interesting even where a particular project was less personally/organisationally relevant.”

“Really useful, great to have a wide range of people talking & personally found it inspiring
being around such knowledgeable people”

“A great, thought provoking day.”

“Enjoyed it. A++++++ seller. Would buy again. Cheers!”

“Really enjoyed the event – was my first one and will definitely consider coming again.”

“Thanks for organising such a fantastic event!”

“More please”


What happened in 2014

Our third Let’s Get Real conference took place on 18th September 2014 and is part of our work leading a cycle of collaborative action research projects that has resulted in Culture24 working intensively with over 80 organisations from across UK over the last 4 years.

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Culture24 is on a mission to get cultural sector to get real about digital change and we believe that change can only happen from within each organisation, one organisation at a time. The key to this change is the people inside them. People like those at the conference.

Culture 24Culture 24

But it isn’t really the organisations that struggle with digital change it’s the people in them.

The conference was curated to get everyone thinking, to provoke and to get them talking. Talking about the way they work, the challenges, failures, successes and stories they all have. The title of conf is – Is your content fit for purpose? But what does this really mean?

Well, content = the stuff, the cultural assets we have both raw (objects, artefacts, documents) and cooked (videos, articles, interviews).

Purpose = the mission of our own organisation – specifically!

Fit = technically,  editorially and accessibly.

Digital is now a part of everything. It is not something separate and we are all *finally* starting to accept this. But what is still difficult is understanding both:

– the changing nature of user behaviours online, in particular because of the growth of mobile

– getting our content ready to respond to those behaviours. To be where people are looking, to be shareable, reuseable, meaningful, useful, relevant, intelligent and  loveable.

Key to this for cultural sector is accepting that the more we create content in deeply human ways – for real people – their needs, demands, dreams – the better.  To do this culture24 believes we need to be open about our vulnerability, our humaness.  We need to be in the centre of society, part of our communities, offline and online.

That’s what Let’s Get Real is all about.

View the website from the 2014 conference to check out all the speakers



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