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What is Let’s Get Real?

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Let’s Get Real (LGR), our collaborative action research programme that supports arts and heritage people and organisations to become more relevant, resilient and responsive to digital cultural changes.

For a decade, LGR has been leading a quiet revolution in our participants’ working methods. It isn’t organisations that struggle to adapt to digital change, it’s the people within them. We know that real innovation lies in changing people’s working rhythms and building their confidence.

LGR projects build and use knowledge to effect practical change for the arts and heritage sector. This happens at four levels: individual, organisational, in peer networks and at a sectoral level. the action research our project groups collectively explore do this by:

  • Nurturing the personal confidence of participating individuals by building the digital literacies they need in their work environments
  • Building organisational capacity by supporting participating organisations to identify, design and embed relevant changes
  • Fostering collaborative working and best practice across relevant peer networks
  • Developing shared understanding for the sector, analysing and addressing the strategic and practical impact of key societal changes and ideas.

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Posted November 14, 2019 in: blog by kate

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