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Why you should buy a ticket to the Let’s Get Real conference

Why is this conference so important now?

Our dramatically changing society has been profoundly influenced by digital culture and technologies. This shift is far more profound than people’s compulsive mobile usage – it’s about changes to our identity, our wellbeing, the information we consume, the democracy we participate in and the networks and communities we connect with.

There are serious questions about truth and authenticity online and we all need to consider what role we can play in a more socially responsible and human web.

If you work or lead for an arts or heritage organisation, how relevant is your work to people’s lives in our post-digital world, right now and in the future?

Realising our organisations’ social purpose against this backdrop and with increasingly constrained resources, is not easy. The Let’s Get Real conference offers a breathing space to acknowledge that complexity, reflect on the successes and challenges of what we’ve done so far, and talk about where and how digital sits in our organisations and in our work.  

Participants in our Let’s Get Real 7 action research project carried out experiments to help their museums make deeper human connections with their communities. Their experiments underlined their hunches that human interactions with museums cannot necessarily be driven by digital channels first and foremost. They also caution that there are challenges to how different internal departments may understand and express your organisation’s core values, and particularly how these values may be represented across your digital channels.

Digital is an essential part of much of our work, but it should serve our purposes rather than leading our thinking. At Let’s Get Real 2020, we’ll hear about sustainable ways of building engaging human connections where digital supports the projects, but is not the main driver. Our speakers will share ways we can use digital in intelligent, responsible, non-exploitative ways, inspiring us with accounts of successful collaborations that have made deep connections and delivered social impact.

All delegates will also have the opportunity to submit a recent digital project, website or social media channel to the ‘Crit Room’, which previous delegates have described as the most valuable experience at a conference ever. This is a supportive, collegiate session where three selected projects trying to enact social purpose will receive constructive criticism from experts on stage and in the room. Together, we can help each other to raise our game!

Who is the Let’s Get Real conference for – and how will it help you?

This conference is for everyone interested in exploring different ways cultural organisations can respond to changing times in our society and our local communities, driven by technology and digital culture. It offers time to reflect on museums and digital in an age of complexity where there are no easy answers.

Are you a CEO, Director, Trustee or any other leader charged with strategically navigating your arts or heritage organisation?

Come along and learn from inspiring projects inside the cultural sector and beyond: you’ll discover how to understand the potential strategic and social value of your digital work, articulate your organisation’s core values across your teams and externally, and discover ways to make deeper connections with your audiences and communities both online and physically.

Are you in a learning or community-facing role?

Discover new, digitally-influenced ways to gather and engage communities around important issues, and take part in a day that recognises the importance of your experience and expertise in shaping how organisations respond to change.

Do you work in a digital or social media management role?

If you have significant responsibility for digital, social media or online community management work, you’ll discover some of the latest thinking around values-led digital practice and how to be a positive, authentic and truthful voice in the social media space, inspiring you to connect what you do to your organisation’s core purpose.

Do you work in programming, events or a curatorial role?

Join us to discover practical approaches and inspiring ideas to help you creatively engage your audiences both online and physically.

Give yourself the gift of time to reflect and plan your next steps this year with a place at the Let’s Get Real conference: book your ticket now!

Posted November 14, 2019 in: blog by Rosie

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