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Gillian Jackson

Gillian’s role at Livity is incredibly diverse. As the central point for youth engagement, she is responsible for running the business unit that delivers and champions Livity’s social purpose driving the social enterprise forward.

As a key role within the business, her role covers programming at many scales, from finding opportunities for young people in Livity’s brand work, event programming to talent sourcing for large scale campaigns. She leads on brand partnerships and consultancy,helping organisations keep ahead of change by designing better systems, products and services with their future customers. Gillian is currently spearheading the expansion of Livity’s nationwide youth engagement platforms and member strategy globally.

Gillian’s has worked in marketing, music, venues and strategy for over 15 years working with brands such as Channel 4, Barbican, UAL, Mama Group, Red Bull and Warner Music to develop new thinking in the cross-pollination of arts, culture and technology.

Posted January 23, 2019 in: by Rosie

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