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Is your content ‘fit for purpose’?

Get ready for another unique day of insights from Culture24 that takes an honest look at digital change and will help you better understand success for your organisation.

Everyone wants to harness digital tactics to make use of their most valuable asset: content. But content’s real value is only realised when it can reach and meaningfully engage audiences both online and in physical spaces and this can only happen if your content is fit for purpose – not just technically but editorially.

This is not easy and some even feel that if we are talking about ‘content’ we have already failed as it is the conversations, stories and personal journeys that matter. So how can we get away from thinking about our digital channels not as a range of generic publishing or marketing outlets, but as routes to a distributed network of communities with niche interests and needs?

Building on Let’s Get Real – our unique collaborative action research project – this conference is for arts and heritage professionals who want to better connect with audience needs, motivations and behaviours.